Your Blood

Lyrics & music by Darby Hughes


In every weakness of my fallen flesh
My source of strength is Your blood, O Jesus
Though my transgressions rise above my head
They can rise no higher than the cross

Chorus: For Your blood is stronger than my sin
Your grace is deeper than my debt
My redemption is paid unto the final cent
O what freedom, my Jesus

O wash me purer than the driven snow
Renew my heart by Your blood, O Jesus
To Calv’ry’s mountain I will daily go
I will leave my burden at the cross


What sin can separate me from Your love?
The price was paid by Your blood, O Jesus
Though condemnation tries to dig them up
They were nailed forever to the cross


And when I stand before the ageless throne
My soul shall plead: just the blood of Jesus
Then as I’m gathered with the saints of old
We will sing the wonders of the cross

(Chorus x2)

Words & Music by Darby Hughes
©2024 Darby Hughes