My Hope is the Lord

Lyrics & Music by Darby Hughes


Troubles and tears
Will often be my portion
As sure as sparks fly upward
But let me not despair
My hope is the Lord who made the earth and heavens
Who guides the storms with sovereign care

Chorus: Though the darkness falls
Though the night is long
Still, for the joy of the morning that will rise
I raise my song and lift my eyes

Cry to the Lord
Who makes the sea a pathway
Who gives the barren children
And shuts the lion’s mouth
Look to His saints, though beaten and imprisoned
Within the walls their hymns ring out

See Christ, the Lord
Rejected by His people
Delivered up to sinners
Abandoned by His friends
Hung on a cross, forsaken by His Father
All for the joy that lay ahead

Hope in the Lord
For He will not forsake us
His Spirit will sustain us
And bear us through the night
And if in this life we never see the morning
We’ll waken in a world of light